Power Sector Solutions

Our solutions and services are targeted towards improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Our flagship software solutions 'Simple Heat Balance' is among the best technical software in the world. This is a quick and efficient solution for Heat Balance Diagram for Rankine Cycle based power plants. We also have other software solutions with aim to provide quality and cost effective solutions for the sector.
Our Simple Yet Powerful paradigm help a lot to practicing engineers, where they can focus on the issues they are dealing with and not the other information, including several input parameters and values.
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Development Sector Services

In pursue of extending our expertise to the development sector, we have initiated several services. These services include project design, implementation support, impact and evaluation studies, designing and implementing baseline surveys etc. We aim to ensure quality outputs and outcomes and greater impacts of the efforts and initiatives of our stakeholders in the development sector.
Sustainability of the solutions and interventions is our major criteria for identifying the approach and strategy. We understand that the sustainable solutions benefit any or both environment and the community without hurting either. That remain always principle behind the solutions we provide.
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