Power Solutions

Your Concern is Our Business

GreeenSync Solutions is a leading technical and consulting company in the business of Power and rural development.  If you are interested in our Rural Development sector services, please click here.

GreenSync Power Solutions are cutting edge tools that increase  efficiency, reduce  environmental costs and increase the bottom-line of energy firms. Our software and consultancy services in the sector have helped our clients solve critical problems through efficient and cost effective solutions. We have used innovative, “Simple Yet Powerful” (SYP), solutions. These solutions require minimum investment in terms of time, efforts and money. SYP based solutions are more accurate and provide better results as compared to the conventional algorithms. Our flagship software “Simple Heat Balance”, can be used for addressing complicated problems faced by engineers during the design and operations of power plants and is a prime example of our value to any Energy Firm. It is valued by our clients not only for its simplicity and efficiency but also for the accurate results it provides day in and out.

We understand and emphasize that energy conservation is need of the hour , not only for sustainable development, but also for saving the energy costs which are a significant component of total costs of your venture. We undertake energy audits to highlight potential for savings and optimizations and further discuss investments required for saving your important bucks. We also undertake the energy audits for compliance in designated industries. GreenSync Solutions also provides you support  to develop carbon projects, which may reduce your risks and also  adds to your venture a green tint. 

As support to triple bottom line concept GreenSync Solutions also strive for betterment of society through our rural development vertical as well as always consider social impacts of our actions and interventions.


Technological Innovations!

We are having and continuously developing the technical innovations with integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) aspects with our traditional products.